S3A-OLCI Time Series

Satellite band averaged data: water-leaving radiance, surface irradiance and solar normalized water-leaving radiance. These values are given as the mean flux (not the total flux) for each band. The total and in-band averages are calculated for each satellite. The in-band is calculated by limiting the relative spectral response to within 1% of the maximum value. A separate data listing (denoted by it's hour) is presented when MOBY collects more than one file per day. Six water-leaving radiances can be calculated from different combinations of MOBY four radiance collectors. The best water-leaving radiance is Lw1, determined from the upper two arms. Lw7 is also included and is calculated from the middle and bottom arms.

To all users of MOBY data.


MOBY decided to take another walk somewhere around 2AM HST on April 13. Unfortunately this time it took the mooring buoy with it. In other words, the mooring ground tackle failed, the tether was not cut. What went on that day is a long story, but I should say a thanks to Zhongping Leeís group as they forwarded a message from a fisherman that had gone out to fish at the MOBY buoy, but found it wasnít there. We had known at that point it was missing, and had a position for MOBY, but didnít realize the mooring buoy was also loose. In any case, we have to recover both MOBY and the mooring buoy tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately, because the mooring buoy is not there, we have nowhere to attach MOBY until we replace the ground tackle for the mooring. We are working on arranging with Mooring Systems, Inc. to get an expedited new system out to Hawaii. But as you can imagine, a mooring in 1200m of water is not an off the shelf item. We have a tentative schedule of May 15th as the soonest time the mooring equipment can be in Hawaii, and fortunately the UH ship is available at that time. So our current schedule is to put the new mooring in at that time, along with redeploying MOBY.

For information, we replace the mooring on a 2-year cycle. It had gotten replaced in May 2015, and was scheduled to be replaced at the end of June 2017. In 20 years, this is the first time we have had a mooring failure, but obviously we will be inspecting what we recover tomorrow to try to determine the failure point.

We are obviously sorry for the data loss, and are trying to get the system back and working as soon as possible.

Kenneth Voss and the MOBY Team

October 2016 Reprocessing Information

In Oct 2016, a reprocessing of the MOBY data began. Three problems are being addressed: 1) the method to extrapolate Kl to the surface has been improved to include Raman scattering and chlorophyll fluorescence; 2) the arm depths used in retrievals was increased by 0.234 m; and 3) a single pixel shift in the data for the RSG collected at a bin factor of 384 for deployments MOBY203 to MOBY253. Initially only MOBY254 to current deployments were reprocessed. These deployments did not have the RSG single pixel shift problem. So for MOBY254 to current deployments only correction 1 and 2 are applied. As the older deployments are processed the data will be added to this directory. MOBY203 to MOBY253 will have had all three corrections applied.

● Lw1 is the Water-Leaving Radiance calculated from LuTop and Kl1(LuTop-LuMid)
● Lw2 is the Water-Leaving Radiance calculated from LuTop and Kl2(LuTop-LuBot)
● Lw7 is the Water-Leaving Radiance calculated from LuMid and Kl3(LuMid-LuBot)

● Lw21 is the Water-Leaving Radiance calculated from LuTop and a modeled Kl
● Lw22 is the Water-Leaving Radiance calculated from LuTop and a modeled Kl
● Lw27 is the Water-Leaving Radiance calculated from LuMid and a modeled Kl

S3A-OLCI bands plotted with Lw and Es
Satellite BandHourLw&EsLwn2
S3A-OLCI Total-Band 20 1 1
22 1 1
23 1 1
S3A-OLCI Total-Band 20 7 7
22 7 7
23 7 7
S3A-OLCI Total-Band 20 2 2
22 2 2
23 2 2
S3A-OLCI Total-Band modeled Kl 20 21 -
22 21 -
23 21 -
S3A-OLCI Total-Band modeled Kl 20 27 -
22 27 -
23 27 -
S3A-OLCI Total-Band modeled Kl 20 22 -
22 22 -
23 22 -

MOBY Auxilliary Data
MOBY HourLwAux Data
20 1 Listing
20 2 Listing
20 7 Listing
22 1 Listing
22 2 Listing
22 7 Listing
23 1 Listing
23 2 Listing
23 7 Listing


Lwn2 Time Series


Stephanie Flora - Moss Landing Marine Laboratories