MOBY Meteorological and Oceanographic Buoy (MMOB) Time Series

MMOB is configured as a semi-taut mooring deployed in approximately 1200 m of water. The surface float is a 3-m diameter Guardian style buoy with running lights, radar reflector and solar panels. The mooring line consists of 3/4" chain, 5/16" plastic jacketed torque balanced wire rope, 3/4" nylon line short spliced to 3/4" polypropylene, 20 - 17" glass floatation spheres on 1/2" chain and a single EG&G acoustic release. The remainder of the array is 1/2" chain, 1" nylon line and a 3000# anchor.

The meteorological suite of instruments includes redundant R.M. Young anemometers, Coastal Environmental air temperature thermistors, Vaisala relative humidity sensors and a single Honeywell barometric pressure transducer. A LI-COR LI-190 Quantum sensor (PAR, 400-700 nm) is also mounted on the mooring. A WetLabs Wetstar fluorometer, a Seabird 37IM Microcat and a WET Labs transmissometer (25cm pathlengths and 470 wavelength) are mounted approximately 1.5 m below the surface. The data is logged on a Coastal Environmental Systems ZENO-32 data acquisition system and also downloaded to the shore based MOBY lab daily via a cell phone modem.

MMOB Data Listing


Stephanie Flora - Moss Landing Marine Laboratories