GPS Position Time Series

There are three sources for position data from MOBY: the File Auxiliary, FORTH LOGS and ARGOS. The first two sources are shown here, the third is shown on the ARGOS e-mail page. The File Auxiliary contains the GPS position saved in the MOB files after data have been collected. This position is usually the most accurate, however occasional problems with MOBY's GPS unit means MOBY's positions must be retrieved from the FORTH LOGS. The FORTH LOGS are ASCII files created by MOBY's Instrument Controller. During the day the GPS unit is turned on and a position is taken. The positions are saved in the FORTH LOG which is transmitted with each raw MOBY file. The File Auxiliary positions have a circle fitted to them to estimate MOBY's watch circle and the moorings center position.
Position Time Series (File Auxiliary)

Position Time Series (FORTH LOGS)

Stephanie Flora - Moss Landing Marine Laboratories